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Budget: The municipality of Hirschau grants a loan.

Budget: The municipality of Hirschau grants a loan.

The last city council meeting of brain showers was about a lot of cash. The Hanseatic City’s debt rises to almost USD 9.3 million, which is USD 1632 per inhabitant. The sum exceeds the national average of similar large cities – all parliamentary groups agreed that this is only justified because the tax rate of over USD 1188 per inhabitant was also above the national average of USD 1069.

The reason for this is above all the construction projects in the order of 8.1 million units, which have long since been approved. The costs for the construction of the plant amount to 8.1 million units. The fact that so much can be planned is also thanks to the trade of brain showers. The calculated USD 5.2 million trade tax would be good. The district allocation (just under three million) and the trade tax allocation (962,000 USD) would harm.

You can only pay for your life once, he said. The country was obliged to provide the promised funds for the canceled road construction contributions. It would be gratifying if the companies of Gehirschauer would also be interested in the industrial area 

Some things could not be implemented

some things could not be implemented

It would probably not be possible without new debt, otherwise, as in previous years, some things could not be implemented. He criticized the situation regarding municipal labor costs, which have increased by five percentage points annually since 2010, when the mountain kaolin and kindergarten areas were added. The school renovation is overdue, but the volunteers don’t think it makes sense to build the 40-year-old saddlecloth with a flat roof.